Monday, 23 January 2012

Drug addiction and its Effects

Addiction remains to be one of the main worry for society in the present world

Addiction remains to be one of the main worry for society in present world, and the concern growing with the passing time. Alcohol and Drug addiction destroy the lives of those, not only the affected persons as well as their close ones; even it is a menace to the society to a great extent. The effect drug or alcohol addiction has on the affected person, to the family members, friends, people living nearby and overall to the society. Alcohol or drug addiction's insufferable consequences range from monetary, to functional, to mental and by no chance should be treated carelessly.

Alcoholism and drug addiction has a terribly prevalent reach: from dealing with impulsive and often unsafe addicts at home to the shocking expenses done by individuals and societies in totality. The population of addicts increasing mostly among the youngsters and people of all age, society is heading towards critical future. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is no longer limited to any section of the society; it has its swoop over the poor to the richest section of the society.

Prescription drug abuse is also highly responsible for this great rise in the number of addicts. In accordance with a review in America, approximately 30% of Americans use prescribed drugs for non-medical requirements. This is because the drugs like painkillers, Oxycodone, Morphine, Hydrocodone, and other medicines to relieve stress are very easily available in the medicine and chemist shops and can be obtained by people for addiction. There are also online medicine shops which act as a help to the addicted persons to get the narcotic drugs for abusing

The main places where addiction is generally found are pubs, night clubs, even in school and college campuses. Common drugs like painkillers are also available in the medicine cabinet of every house and are vastly responsible for the rise in statistics of teen drug abuse.
The harmful impact of addiction on the society

1. The increased crime rate is one of the main concerns in the society caused due to addiction. The urge for addiction can make the addicted person still from other houses and can even change the person to a criminal. This is because once a person becomes addicted, can't stop himself from taking drugs as the altered condition of his brain doesn't allow him to do that. So, an addicted person to do any kind of crime by giving the greed of money or the substance for abuse.

2. The rising number of accidents and deaths are also partially contributed by addiction. As a person under the addiction has no control over his or her activities and while driving causes accident. These accidents sometimes cause death and may cause major injuries which leave the person invalid for rest of the life.

3. The deadly disease AIDs is also getting spread rapidly due to addiction. When an HIV infected person uses a needle to get drugs induced in the body, and any other addicted person uses the same needle to induce drug the fateful disease also gets into the body of the other addicted person. Addiction is causing ruin to the society in two ways: as addiction is itself a challenge, society is facing along with it is giving growth to the dreadful disease AIDS.

So any kind of addiction must be stopped at the earliest stage and should be cured assuring abstinence but alcohol and drug addiction is a dangerous disease that enters individuals; unluckily most addicted person does not identify recognize the problem until the individual turns fully addicted. The symptoms are so slight can be ignored; simply this is the reason why more people are falling into addiction.

Drug addiction is a brain illness that compels addicts that they need drugs to for their survival, in spite negative effect it causes. Drug rehab is the best way to treat addiction problem. Drug rehabilitation follows the best ways of treatment under supervision of specialist doctors. Drug rehab program includes therapies, detoxification, counseling which helps the addicted person to get back to normal life. Rehab centers to make the addicted person lead a safe life, follow the natural healthy process like meditation, exercising and brisk walking. They even take the person to visit different places to bring changes to the mind of the addicted person. All these efforts in the rehab centers together ensure the addicted person healthy and normal life fully free from addiction.

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